Diễn Viên Jay Crew

Jay Crew

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With his snow white hair and confident vibe, Jay Crew pulls some of the finest tail in the XXX industry. One of the few male performers to keep pounding pussy well into his fifties, Mr. Crew is representing for all the mature men out there. Like a fine vintage, this handsome stud has refined with age, developing a bold and unique style that has both teens and MILFs begging for a taste. Living the life of his dreams, Jay brings a starlet to bed every night of the week, and without fail, they keep coming back for more of his signature love-making. So what's this hunk's secret? It’s simple: all he does is treat the ladies with a little respect. Mr. Crew pampers his lovers, because at the end of the day, a dude can have rock hard abs, but if he doesn't know how to treat a woman, he won't be getting any of the sweet, delicious pussy.

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