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Ali Rose

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Self-proclaimed “filthy little cum slut” Ali Rose is a blossoming blonde hailing from Surrey in the United Kingdom. The tatted-up anal queen loves being dominated by two guys, especially when they fill both her holes at the same time and treat her to a double cum shot! Ali also has a kinky side, often experimenting with bondage, which gets her dripping wet, and she likes to squirt her orgasm all over the floor after getting her pussy and mouth stuffed with big fat cocks. With a stunning face, beautiful curves, and a wicked sense of humor, Ali’s gorgeous looks and lovable nature have already earned her a horde of devoted fans, and the naughty nymph is on her way to becoming one of porn’s most celebrated performers. When Ali isn’t busy flaunting her sexy bod in front of the camera, she can be found working out at the gym or treating herself to some tasty Italian cuisine! Check out this vivacious stunner in her raunchy scenes down below.

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